Roof Surveys


We respect the fact that most people would not cherish the thought of safely getting on their roof to check its condition or to validate that they have been given a genuine quotation. Thats why at Ideal Home Improvements we offer a very reasonably priced, GENUINE PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY. 

Beat the rogue traders with our unique digital photographic report. Keeping your roofs, gutters and waterways in sound condition and clear of debris is imperative to reduce the risk of leakages and blockages that can cause exterior damage, internal damp and unwelcome birds and rodents.

We use a U.K. manufactured solution that not only keeps your gutters and drains free from blockage, but also the assurance that it will not reoccur. The Gutter Brush system is a new effective way to keep your gutters clean and clear.


(Including a 20% saving introductory offer ending 01/02/2013)


Prevention is better than cure!

We also offer advice and installation of rainwater diversion and water butts. Please call us to arrange your survey or to discuss any other services.

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